Digital Literacy Programme Manager

Scotland Programme Manager

Why is this role open?

We already train people for highly skilled careers in tech. We want to expand access to tech training that changes people’s lives. There are more opportunities than ever, but most people cannot take them, because they lack foundational digital skills. So now we need to build a new bridge, one that supports people to take their first steps into digital literacy.


CYF creates a unique, supportive learning community for people with the most limited economic, social and personal resources. All our classes are free and all our teachers are volunteers.

We train our people in software development and support them into well paid, highly skilled, professional careers in tech. We really do this and it really works.

We work online and face-to-face across many regions. We track every single trainee and alumni and measure the impact of our work in terms of their learning and employment outcomes.


What is the vision of the Digital Literacy Program?

14 million people do not have the digital skills needed for everyday life in the UK. They're more likely to be deprived of having better opportunities in jobs, education, health and other spheres of social life that the digital world brings. Our goals are to:

  • Move participants from passive consumers to active citizens of their digital world
  • Develop advanced skills around browsing, search, gestures, navigation and online financial transactions
  • Promote the abilities to have informed, safe and critical choices of the apps and services that participants use online.
  • Tell participants about career options in the technology sector

Who are we looking for?

  • You know from experience the intrinsic challenges and opportunities of working with volunteers
  • You are sensitive to the diverse backgrounds of the people we serve
  • You are looking to fulfil a mission through your work and not just looking for a new job
  • You communicate the importance of what we do for the community to engage our partners
  • You are comfortable with offering and receiving candid feedback
  • You can trust and encourage others to do great things
  • You don’t mind travelling across the UK
  • You are someone who can think and dream big. You’re probably already thinking about how this program can be expanded in the UK and beyond.
  • You have a growth mindset: you like to constantly improve how things are done, get feedback, and support trainees, volunteers, and stakeholders in becoming the best version of themselves

This is for you if you...

  • Have experience of fast-paced corporate/startup/for-profit environment
  • Are looking for fulfilment by working for a practical social impact organisation
  • Care deeply about communities and have experience in skilled volunteering roles
  • Want to see people improving their lives in a tangible way
  • Adapt quickly to change 
  • Don't mind working flexible times that include evenings and weekends if/when needed
  • Have experience working with vulnerable communities, government and/or edtech

We promise that you will*…

  • Be able to organise your working hours based on your priorities
  • Not be micromanaged
  • Work with kind and professional people that care about the work they do
  • Work for a team that encourages others
  • Be given the encouragement to pursue your ideas and initiatives
  • Be given the freedom to achieve your goals
  • Decide how you best achieve your objectives

*Read our values and principles


  • Salary: Salary is negotiable according to experience - in private and/or grassroots organisations
  • Contract: Full-time or Part-time
  • Location: based in the UK (with UK work permit)
  • Benefits: flexibility in time management - working remotely & self-ownership
  • Reporting to: CEO

Application process

  1. Read and reflect on our values and working principles.
  2. Send your CV and letter to apply at with the following: 
    • Why you want to work with us
    • Why you are a good fit for this role
    • Include any questions you have about the role
  3. We organise a screening call and give you a challenge around the project that you can work on within a few hours. 
  4. You present to us.
  5. Start working with us and embark on an impactful career.