About CodeYourFuture

About CodeYourFuture

We believe in a future where everyone has a real opportunity to lead a thriving life. 

CodeYourFuture (CYF) is a UK based non-profit organisation that trains some of the most deprived members of society to become web developers and helps them to find work in the tech industry.

CYF students are trained in web development by volunteers from the tech industry, putting a strong emphasis on collaboration and product development through tech projects.

70% of CYF eligible grads have started tech careers.

Graduates work in established companies like Capgemini, the FT, BBC, STV, Deloitte - and startups like Adzuna, Sensible Object, tlr and WeGotPop.


Our Values

1. Be kind and Open

Growth is not always easy. If we treat each other kindly and are open to giving and receiving feedback, we build the trust needed for growth.

2. Be part of a supportive family

This value comes from how our trainees talk about CYF - that CodeYourFuture is like a supportive family for them. 

At CodeYourFuture, you will find people who accept and support one another in challenging and successful times. 

The acceptance and support that people give each at CYF other creates a safe, trusted space - a space that helps trainees and volunteers continue growing and developing and also reassures newcomers that they are in the right place.

3. Empowerment & representation are key

Whether you are a trainee or volunteer, we believe you know what’s needed for the organisation to thrive, and we trust and will support you to make the changes you believe are needed. 
We want you to have a great experience at CodeYourFuture and when you talk honestly about your experience with us, to friends, family, or on a stage at a conference, you are CodeYourFuture. You represent us. 

4. We want to have a real impact in the world

At CodeYourFuture, we want to create long-term, measurable impact in society.

We know that by helping people make tangible, positive changes in their lives - like starting well-paid tech careers - we can improve their social mobility and reduce inequality.

Our Working Principles

Put Community first
Building a strong community is the most important thing. We build spaces where people meet, socialise and connect in a meaningful way.

Promote Self-organisation
Empowered teams organise sessions, workshops and events. Our community takes the lead, shares ideas and creates change together.

Believe in Collective intelligence
Individuals don’t have all the knowledge, the collective does. We encourage open group discussions. We challenge our community to seek support and share ideas with the group, not with individuals.

Create Proactivity
Community members are not told what to do. We encourage our community not to rely on process and rules: trainees own their learning journey; volunteers take the lead and experiment.

Choose Simplicity
We avoid complex language and processes. We encourage our community to focus on the essentials in the way we communicate and act. We avoid complicated jargon and elaborate processes.

Act with Transparency
There’s nothing to be kept away from the community*. We talk to people in open channels and in group meetings. We avoid direct messaging and private conversations as much as possible.

Show vulnerability
No one knows everything. No one is expected to have all the answers. We teach each other to be honest about our weaknesses and to ask for help, every day.

Our Theory of Change

Theory of Change image